A Brief Comparison between Ulefone Paris and iPhone 6S Cameras

  • Javi


    Please do not do outdoor tests. Do it tests indoors with poor lighting, that’s when the quality of the camera loses much

    The videos are of good quality but the pictures do not. The problem is in the photos, not videos. Objects, sometimes distorted or blurred out, especially in the background of the photo. They also tend to have much saturation

    thank you

    • Hieu Nguyen

      Please mention this to ulefone on twitter. They refuse to acknowledge the poor performance of the Paris camera.

      • Javi

        quiet, that many people read it. We trust them.

        We can provide pictures taken with poor quality ulefone where shown in dimly lit scenes

        • Hieu Nguyen

          Please do so that ulefone and others can see for themselves. I would take photos myself but I don’t have the phone. I purchased for my mother in law.

    • Thank you very much for the suggestion. And yes we did tests under low light and you’ve watched the whole video. And we have admitted the weak points of the camera in the blog text. And yes we’ll improve it.

    • Videos aren’t good, you can see lag comparing with iPh6.

      Good job Ulefone, that’s a smart and positive move showing, admitting and fixing your problems.

  • JoeJosefJeo

    The camera of Ulefone Paris is quite good given the price, not too worse than the iPhone camera, which is 4 times more expensive. Though the color is a little tend to purple, i think they’ll fix it just like they do on Be Pro.

  • Kubis

    I think instantly will help setting Automatic to lower EV by 2/3 on every shoot. As you can see on all pictures the Paris is the brightest. Beeing to high on EV causing over-exposing the sky and more optical artifacts. After then there is many others things to fix – colors balance, white balance, lower ISO on indoor shoots to not looking to grainy etc.

  • Bryan

    At this price, i mean USD129.99, i don’t expect more for the camera. If they can improve the it, it’s good. If not, i can accept. After all, the other parts of the phone work very good.

    • Hello, we have admitted the weak points of the camera, and we’ll improve it. Don’t worry.

    • Hieu Nguyen

      UMI EMAX Mini is not far from the price of the Ulefone Paris and camera performs so much better.

  • SergioRamos

    Hi, Ulefone. You’ve already done a good job with Paris, and i’m very happy with the phone. The camera, well, i feel happy too because it makes sharp photos. Please keep the good work up.

  • Němec Jiří

    If they compare photos with Apple, on apple it’s possible to made RAW photos (using third party app).
    Please add RAW support to Camera 2 api. Programs like Camera FV-5 and A Better Camera support RAW a made DNG photos, but on Paris says there is no RAW support.

    To work with DNG i recommend Adobe Photoshop Express, it’s free and i think this is way how to made perfect photos on Paris.

  • atsi

    Where can I see usual photos comparison, not video?

    • Hieu Nguyen


      here you can see comparison between UMI EMAX Mini and Ulefone Paris. UMI EMAX Mini clearly performs better in the camera department with a Sony sensor and most likely better glass and camera software.

      • Suskind

        This is obviously employee umi video shoot, especially 5:42 seconds image contrast, even at 6:18 they also ulefone written ulephone. Just for marketing, because ulefone Paris is very popular.

  • Kubis

    BTW: try to look at HDR camera mode – its not usable with lines all over the screen. Did you ever test this before releasing?

    • Hieu Nguyen

      Come to think of it, I just noticed it as well when I tried it out. HDR is very buggy. Hopefully is fixed in the software update coming this week.