Paris Diary 3: A few details about Ulefone Paris Camera

  • Němec Jiří

    Looks like OV13850 support raw format and android 5.1 support raw, will Paris support raw too?

    • Hello, presently i have not found this option on camera settings, but i’ll let our engineers know your feedback. Perhaps this will be added before it is sent out.

      • Greg Tippitt

        I would very much like to buy this phone, but RAW photo capture is a must have feature for me. Please let us know if the camera supports RAW/DNG photo format.
        Thank you, Greg

  • Director Fury

    Some sample photos, please

    • Hello, we’ll release a series of sample photos in a few days.

  • Geek Tech

    OnePlus 2 camera is nice, hope the Paris will just as good.

    • Thank you, we’ll make it satisfactory. The color style will be some what similar.

  • Wall Will

    Hello, will the camera support voice shutter?

    • Yes, it will support voice shutter and gesture shot.

  • ljan ryan

    I have a question, will you have LED notification? Or you will still make the stupid front flash as on Ulefone Be Touch 2 instead?

    • Hello, this time we’ll take users’ suggestions to enable LED notification and eluminate the front flash. :)

  • ST Ammo

    I can see that in day light camera is doing quiet nice photos, but what about low light and night photography? Can you show some samples of night and low light photos? Also interesting about macro photography.

    Thank you

  • Sam Kern

    I am really disappointed that the specs for paris is not as good as ulefone be touch 2. The screen with paris should have been 1920x , and also should have 3 GB RAM . The current paris screen is similar to ulefone touch 1 ..that was much improved with Touch 2. so i guess we need to wait for Paris 2 to be released

    • ST Ammo

      Higher resolution – more battery consumption. Ulefone chose Paris to be a mid ranger, not their flagship, so it could be understandable.

      • Sam Kern

        Why not make it 5inch flagship as well. I have Be touch 2 and once i have optimised my android , my touch 2 power last for ages !

  • emmanuel

    Although i don’t think Ulephone is going to lie about specs anytime soon, after they admitted the truth about the camera of their other device (the be pro, i think?) having 8mpx interpoleted OV camera, not a 13mpx sony one… So, let’s wait and see!