Paris Diary 4: A Few Details about Ulefone Paris Display

  • Sam Kern

    I think customers would be looking that a paris 2 version later come on the market with 1920 hd screen like ulefone touch 2

    • Hi, it is not likely we’ll make a Full HD one. Because we think 720p resolution means enough sharpness on a 5-inch display. And MTK6753 and 72P phone is very fast. You can have a look at our Youtube channel, where the newest video shows what i said.

      • Sam Kern

        If you look at Doogee F3 pro it has 1920 Resolution , just like iphone 6 !

        1920 resolution give the “retina display”. it is definitely worth it. Right now…in this price range i think that Doogee F3 pro is a better value phone compared to paris.

  • Gigi Grace

    It’s OGS or G+F+F?

    • Hello, i answered you in Paris Diary 5. :) It is in fact on-cell, which means the touch screen is inserted admist of the display screen. It will considerably reduce the thickness of screen, thinner than Both GFF and OGS.

      • Gigi Grace

        thank you.

  • Android Hound

    Hello, i agree 720p is fine for 5-inch display and 5 inch will consume less energy. But why you think it will make the phone faster?

    • Well, 1280 by 720 is about 900 thousands pixels, while 1920 by 1080 is about 2 million. When you switch a picture, the processor (graphics processing unit to be specific) of Full HD mobile phone needs to render as 1/2 pixels as a on a Full HD one. If the two phones have the same GPU, obviously the HD phone will be more smooth. Hope i’ve explained it clearly.

  • Iron Thor

    MiraVision is nice. But is it too complicated for an average user? I mean when i adjusted many values i find it worse than the original.

    • Hmmm, it’s just an additional enhancement to the display. We’ll of course make the display most widely accepted in the engineering phase. We expect users to make some minor adjustment when they sure they need it.

  • Captain Cook

    To catch my company, you still have a long long way to go.

    • Yes, Mr. Cook. So very long that we haven’t seen your back yet.

  • Cezar Crican

    I just ordered the phone because of the smart (I believe) and well argumented choice of using 720p. Now, of course, I am eager to find out about the battery life. Do those 2GB of RAM consume an awful amount of energy compared to 1 GB?
    Plus, why no NFC? Not very used yet, too expensive of a module, why?
    Thanks in advance!