Are you ready for Ulefone Be Touch 2 USD179.99 Snap-up Event?

  • Thomas Müller

    When will the Ulefone Be Touch 1 user receive there Ota Update for Lollipop 5.1

    • Android Lollipop 5.0 have many bugs need fixed, please follow us, when we finish, we will post the news on the Facebook and here. Thanks your support.

  • Raul Iris

    Hello. I bought a Be Touch 1 15 days ago for 219 $. And now you have the Be Touch 2 only for 179,99. That is not just !!!

    • Dear Raul, thanks your support. Be Touch is the flagship, i think you will like it. If you have any problems, please tell us.

  • Olynyk Prez

    $180 for Be Touch 2 is a scam … may as well be honest and tell everyone it is really $230 … it is fraudulent and ulefone knows it

    • Thanks your support. Real events, not false

  • kelf k

    managed to order one for $179 today. I am looking at reviews on the original Be Touch, which had bad review on camera, camera LED, bad low light camera photo performance, bad camera video performance, bad GPS performance. Any of these improvements on the Be touch 2 please?

    • Don’t worry, we also know the software is not perfect. We will update and fix the bugs.

      • kelf k

        Thank you for your prompt reply. I look forward to receiving the phone to play around. Thank you.

  • …Been trying for days to snap-up and even though I wait until the snap up event comes, It’s showing “Out of Stock” in ALL listed stores even Gearbest.
    As a loyal African customer with other Ulefone products, please avail one for me to purchase at the $179.99 snapup price. I could pay using PayPal on PLEASE, I have even risked listing my email because I look forward to being a Betouch2 owner and probably reseller.

  • Mike

    They sell out within 30seconds, I snatched one at Gearbest. Pandawill sells at 12am PST and Gearbest at 2:40am PST I noticed. You have to be quick and pay with paypal. Your best bet is to keep hitting refresh every few sends around that time. Good luck