Deal of September: USD179.99 for Ulefone Be Touch 2

  • Tiago Camargo (x71460x)

    I just got a ulefone be x. and it comes with a malware that i CAN NOT UNINSTALL!!! MONKEY TEST and TIME SERVICE! Some one is STEALING from me!!! My internet plan is going high and phone performance is SHIT! When i just buy it is all good… but now with this virus i want my money BACK! i will start to send comments in EVERY place i find. U guys think we are idiots? FUK! Why i just believe in chinese gadgets… thanks for FUK with my trust on you guys!
    Im starting to look for my rights right now!

  • Ulefone Be Touch 2 pro user

    I buyed the mobile phone Ulefone Be Touch 2. It is the best phone that I have seen until now considering the price.
    Considering the big size of the screen (5.5”), I would like to ask if it is possible to change/modify some setting or the firmware, permitting to adjust the Home resolution and reduce the icons dimension (like Windows for laptop or notebook).

    I would like to increase the icons number in the Home.

    The best will be to have 5 icons for each line of the Home (like the LG G3 or other mobile phones with a 5.5″ size screen).

    I hope Ulefone will add this very useful functionality to our best phone!