Guidance to Buy Ulefone Paris in Presale

  • Gigi Grace

    You said USD129.99 does not cover free gifts, but does it contain a plastic film?

    • Yes, of course. Other accessories include charger, USB cable, earphones, and user manual.

      • Gigi Grace

        Oh, no. The package will contain no battery, and i have to buy it. You don’t mention battery at all. :(((((

        • Errrr, of course the package contains a battery. Battery means a part of phone to me, istead of an accessory. :)

          • Ben K

            Hello, just one question regarding the soft keys bellow the display. Are they back-lighted?

  • Xu Tan

    Where to buy the tempered glass and flip case separately? And how much?

    • Hello, our retail partners will start to sell the accessories later, and the price may vary from shop to shop.

  • tech mi

    After i leave my email for subscription, should i get an email with codes to be applied at the shop where i’m going to buy it.

    • You will not receive an email. But when you leave your email address, it will leave a record on our data base, which is butt-to-butt to our retail partner’s data bases during the presale. So when you use another unregistered email address to buy at our retailer partner’ store, you may not be recognized. So please subscribe before purchasing.

  • Geek Tech

    I love the phone, but will there be any OTA update?

    • Yes, we’ll keep improving the phone buy wireless updates. On paris, you can see an OTA interface on the home screen.

  • ljan ryan

    Is there a Full HD version of Ulefone Paris?

    • Presently there is not such a plan, and it seems not likely there will be an FHD Ulefone Paris. 720P was a deliberate choice. First of all, itself is more energy efficient. And it can be well controlled by the MTK6753 chipset, which costs less battery life, too. Both components allow us to install a smaller-sized battery for the phone to make the body thinner for comfortable grip. By the way, 720P resolution can offerr enough sharpness on a five inch size.

  • Wall Will

    Do you have any repair centers in Europe? It’s better if i can send my phone to a local repair shop instead of sending it back to China when there is a problem with the phone.

    • Hello, we’ve built cooperation with a repair shop, which will offer repair services in Spain and Russia. The spain repair center can serve users in other European countries, and we’ll give a list later. Now we are shipping repair parts to them and they are in the test run period. I guess we can offer European local repair services in a few weeks.

  • Němec Jiří

    Is any chance Paris will support wireless display using Miracast standard? If not it’s possible to connect Paris to TV using MHL cable?

    • Wall Will

      Hi, yes Ulefone Paris supports Miracast.

    • Yes, Paris will support Miracast.

  • Ben K

    Hello, just one question regarding the soft keys below the display. Are they back-lighted?

  • anchovyextinction

    is the wifi dual or single band? is it only N compliant or also ac?

  • RM

    Has the new ulefone Paris got hotspot? Thank you

  • Frantz

    Why aren’t my soft keys appearing ? Thanks