Like the Design of Ulefone Paris?

  • Thomas Müller

    Quit nice, but please release a 4,5 Inch like this design with Fingerprint sensor an a fast Mediatek. This would be the number 1.

  • xplorr

    I like it except these attention points:
    -please put the usb connector at bottom, headphones jack at top of phone.
    -please release a black version with grey frame (not silver, like white one!)
    -please set screen exactly vertically in the middle (like iPhone). It gives a more balanced view when turning the phone horizontally (looking at pictures or movies).
    -please add FHD screen, not HD!
    -please let camera lens not protrude the backcover (looks more elegantly and makes the phone stable when put flat on a desk)
    -please put lens in the top middle of the back cover (not top left or right).
    -please make the back cover from non-slippery material (not shiny).
    -use at least octacore MTK chip
    -use at least 2MB RAM+16 MB ROM
    -use at least 2500 mAh battery (better 3000 mAh)
    -use screen size between 4.7 and 5 inch (not larger!)

  • xplorr

    Please also provide a black (+other colors) silicone cover like iPhone. Example: