Paris Diary 5: Why We Decided to Make a 5-inch Phone

  • Gigi Grace

    It’s OGS or G+F+F?

    • None of them. It is in fact on-cell, which means the touch screen is inserted admist of the display screen. It will considerably reduce the thickness of screen, thinner than Both GFF and OGS.

  • Xu Tan

    Good thinking, Keep up!

    • Thank you. And we’ll be more and more focused on user experience in the future. That’s they only way we can keep alive. We know that.

  • Geek Tech

    It’s a nice phone. Nice to see you differ a little bit from iPhone. Even a little bit means you have begin to change.

    • Captain Cook

      Really? You think the design of my company is not good?

      • Geek Tech

        absolutely not good. Since you stepped up as president of Apple, this company has become less and less innovative. Well, Apple Pencil is not bad.

    • Thank you, we are developing our own design language. And our next phone will be something totally different.

  • Wall Will

    5-inch is my thing. In my country buses are very crowded and i have to use one hand hold the by.

    • i think you wanted to say hold the “bar”. :D. Well, yes it’s one of the senario we’ve thinking of.

      • Cezar Crican

        i think you wanted to say we’re thinking of! :D

  • ljan ryan

    How much please

    • hi, USD129.99 during presale and 169.99 after that. Please have a look at our home page, where all the information are provided.

  • Giuseppe Giacopelli

    Why there is not fm radio?