Paris Diary 6: A Few Details about Ulefone Paris Android 5.1 OS

  • Jbeltrans

    android 5.1 is false as in be touch 2 ?

    • Hello, we’ll show the user interface in videos later. And you can judge it yourself. Have a nice day!

      • Jbeltrans

        sure, explain this. The sdk for android 5.1 is n°22. And be touch 2 is only 21…why????

        you changed the rom to look like 5.1

  • tech mi

    What’s special with U-launcher, please?

    • on U-launcher, there is only a layer of home screen, no app drawer. Sliding of home screen is more smooth on U-launcher, and there will be a theme store here for you to download dezens of themes.

      • Iron Thor

        Sounds nice, but i’m not sure if i’ll like it when i use it in real world. Where can i switch it back to the stock launcher?

        • In display settings, there is a “home” option, where you can choose between stock and U launcher. :)

      • Director Fury

        Will it include all features supposed to exist on Stock android 5.1, or you’ll omit some as you did on Ulefone Be Touch 2?

        • It will contain all main features of lollipop 5.1. It’s a full functioning Android 5.1. Some of them you may not expect it to appear on the Paris, such MiraVision.

          • Android Hound

            What’s that?

          • It’s a setting that allows you to adjust the values of the display such as contrast, saturation, and so on.

          • Android Hound


        • Jbeltrans

          ulefone lie, does not have be touch 2 5.1, is only 5.0

          • Director Fury

            Haha, move on, guy. Everybody has some some embarrasing history, and how do you know they are not confessing to god?

      • tech mi

        Will you allow off-screen guestures on Ulefone Paris?

        • Yes, Ulefone Paris will provide off-screen gestures. And it may have air gesture, but i have yet to confirm.

  • Němec Jiří

    Android from 5 have some energy non-efficient feature, it connected to mobile data even on wifi, so 2 active connection which drains battery.
    From my experience with Doogee y100 pro and some application using root, turning off mobile data can made big difference in my use-case. Instead of 50-60% battery i have returned from work with something like 70-80% battery. Please think about add optional feature which will turn off mobile data when phone is connected to wifi like on android 4.4 and older.

    • Thank you for the feedback, and i’ll let our engineers think over your suggestion. Have a nice day!

  • Alex E

    Hello. Does the device support USB OTG? You have it listed in the specs page in the positioning (?) section. I think it’s a really useful feature.

  • Jiří Doubravský

    GORILLA glass protection?

  • Jose Julio Diaz Moreno

    Hello. A question about Ulefone Paris. Do the two sim slots work 2G, 3G and 4G?.