Reviews about Ulefone Paris From Professional Media

  • What about the Be Touch 2 update?

    • Android Hound

      Has released, check your settings, buddy.

      • atsi

        Do they have same-same as Be Touch 2, but with 5.0 or less screen?

  • atsi

    I need camera review :)

    • Hieu Nguyen

      camera is ok but can get very bad after using for a while. when the phone gets a bit hot, the camera produces a lot of bad noise and purple/green tints

      • atsi

        I would like to see normal shots and hot phone shots at least :).

    • Hieu Nguyen

      also, the camera software is TERRIBLE
      the gallery is so out-dated it looks like it’s from a phone 5 years old

  • emmanuel

    total disaster.The camera is total crap i have an old samsung with 5 mpixl camera and the photos are better software or bad quality lens ??? ulefone failed again
    next week i will puplish sample photos

    • Hieu Nguyen

      Totally agree, but ulefone are on dervish saying that reviewers are saying good things about the camera. Total RUBBISH!

      • Suskind

        You was very rude, it only reflects your family education problems.

        • Hieu Nguyen

          Err.. Family education?

      • Hello, we never let reviewers saying anything unfair. Who we are to control them? By the way, in the article A Brief Comparison between Ulefone Paris and iPhone 6S Cameras we have admit that our camera has the white balance and color tendency problems in dark light.That’s where we are going to improve it and yes we’ll release updates. If we ask reviewers to say that our camera has no problem why we say it has on our blog? You have make suggestions and we appreciate that and we are making improvements. But you say bad things of us everywhere on our blog and Gizchina. That’s very hurting to us. We made giveaway to encourage people give suggestions, yet arousing your attack.

        • Hieu Nguyen

          This seemed to be the only way to get your attention and to provide action on it. You ignored me on Twitter when I mentioned it and just said “camera is good”.

          Only after myself and others brought the camera issues to your attention did you admit to the improvements that were needed.

          If I hurt your feelings I apologies, however, I will not apologise for the fact that your team did not take my initial feedback into consideration.

    • Hieu Nguyen

      hopefully you can share the photos soon so that ulefone can really see how bad the photos are. on twitter, they are totally denying it.

    • Hello, please also send the sample photos to and the customer service guy will let our engineering team know and study on them. Thank you very much.

  • Paulo J. O. Francisquinho
  • kajapezz8

    Why double tap to wake isn’t available with new Ulefone Paris ROM? Please reactivate ASAP this function…

  • Adrian

    Ulefone Paris – 7/10 pictures in good light are blurred (ISO 99-214). 13MP pictures are full of artifacts, their intensity decreases when choosing 9MP, shutter speed is tragic …

    I use the application “A Better Camera” which slightly improves the photos quality but it is still at the level of the budget phone of 2012

    Phone well-made but after 2 weeks of use this telephone I thing about changing it …

    • Hieu Nguyen

      Agree. RUBBISH camera. Ulefone still continue to claim that it’s good.. Such denial.

      • Suskind

        You keep saying it is not good, why do not you send some of your pictures shot up to look at, you stop criticizing it, it does not improve anything, can only show your rudeness. You actually shoot photos as you say five years ago, cell phone, then you can send photos to the same position we see.

        • Hieu Nguyen

          1) as mentioned previously I said I would if I could. This phone was purchased for someone else and I set it up and tested it for 2 days before handing it over. I have already tested it myself hence my feedback.
          2) I did not say quality of the images is comparable to a phone 5 years ago, I said the camera interface and gallery app.

    • Hello, you may take some photos and send to our customer service Though our phone camera has some weak points, 7/10 blur is absolutely not acceptable. I think there might have been some problem with your phone especially when you say you want to change a phone after 2 weeks of use.

  • Hieu Nguyen

    Wish there were more English reviews

    • A Review from PCadviser was updated a few hours ago.

      • Hieu Nguyen

        Thank you. As you can see, they were also not too impressed with the camera performance either. But I am glad you guys are finally seeing this and making plans to improve it.

  • xiaomiminote

    89$ OCTA CORE 3G RAM, UMI ROME is a much better deals than this!