Официальное обращение: Производство и Отправка Ulefone Future

  • Игорь Минченков

    Продукт то шикарен судя по фото)) но когда же вы уже начнёте отправки в магазины то???в частности в deal home??а то многие уже устали ждать заказа.И потихоньку отменяют заказы.

  • H. Mk

    I ordered 04.05.2016 and still waiting for my order. I had paid 202.8$, becouse I was the first of people who ordered the phone, but I still waiting and waiting. I get loan to pay for my phone, but now I pay for perstantage of my loan but I don’t have my phone. My order was economy order and that means I woldn’t get protection glass, case or anything. Now I don’t agree with this and I think Ulefone factory should give a compansation for my inconveniance. Becouse of their fault, they should send everyone who ordered and waited such a long time both protection glass, and case and everything, which comes with standard package.