The story of fingerprint ID on Ulefone Be Touch and Ulefone Be Touch 2

  • AntonioC

    Are you giving away free Ulefone Be Touch 2?

      • Tony Howlin

        I purchased the be pro and was of the impression that this phone had the top chipset was the first and best the company had to offer. Now I find the O/S is not upgraded, the camera is not a Sony and taking a photo is a hit and/or miss to get a good picture, the sound is good but not using the phone. I feel I did not get what the advertising showed. I would very much appreciate getting the Be Touch 2 as I have told my friends I had the latest and was very disappointed that they could show me I was wrong.
        Hope to hear from you. All the best..

      • Choka Pic

        I don’t know if i deserve the Ulefone be touch 2, but my son Guillaume yes, he had an Ulefone be pro and accidentaly broke his screen.

        Now he is very sade and he saw the new Ulefone Be touch 2 on Internet. He likes the Back 13M Sony camera the 5M front one with flash, lolipop 5.1, the Gorilla Glass 3 screeen and the disponibility Magic Tempered Glass, the compatibility with all 4G LTE France frequencies. The good fingerprint unlock system,, the power of the 8 cores CPU allied to the MALI T760 for games (he is a young gamer). The 3 GB of RAM et 16 GB of disk (flash), the possibility to put 2 SIMs at the same time (2 IMEI) and a µsdcard. A likes to the big battery with around 12 hours of power in full use, the big beautiful Full HD 5.5′ screen, The native google play store and compatibility with a million of software. And the wifi n and bluetooth 4.0 for a good communication? ;)
        Thanks to read me

  • Murali

    I recently bought ulefone be touch 2 which is worth for the money. My Htc one picks up even weak wifi signals but ulefone doesn’t , it’s not picking up wifi signals at my work place …..weak antenna??

    Some issues with fingerprint scanner, it lacks to identify my finger print and occasionally it works, I have to unlock with pin.

    It charges fast and drains fast too, when I browse or play games.

  • princerohith

    Thats y ulefone be touch 2 finger print sensor is not working for so many, we dont know whether its a hardware problem or software, only god knows