Ulefone Be Pro 2 to Come with Amazing Experience

Be Pro 2
  • Runner

    Lollipop upgrade to 5.1 for Be Pro Original? Or just for the new Be Pro?

  • ST Ammo

    Nice to see that you care about software. And you choose different strategy not inventing new phone but optimizing an old one (a lot cheaper). And it’s ok it’s up to you, I don’t judge.
    But what about software support, will it be long lasting? How long you will be supporting software on your different phones in the future?

    • Juan David Salazar

      It is actually a new phone. They won’t update the actual be Pro to Android 5.1. A real shame.

      • Runner

        The worst is that insurance will use the MTK 6735

        first and last product I purchase ulefone

  • Terry S

    as long as you give us stock android and not all the crap forced bloatware i will be happy to upgrade form my bepro.