Ulefone Be Touch 2 and Paris Updates Have Come

  • Thomas Müller

    Please fix the Stagefright 1 & 2 Security Bug in your phones! Thanks a lot

    • tech mi

      Stagefright 1 major version is Android 4.4 or less, 2 currently nexus 7 is updated only Google’s other brands is estimated that it will take some time to update, hope ulefone will update earlier. Of course, MMS now I basically do not use.

  • Hieu Nguyen

    Already had this firmware version for the ulefone paris when I received the device yesterday. But yes, please fix the Stagefright security issues!

  • Ormbett

    BT2 update – A step in the right direction! Now continue with the rest of many bugs reported. And please, give us the real 5.1 and fix for Stagefright!
    Kind regards

  • Jx86

    Hello, can your customers expect an update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow on these devices (or at least Ulefone Paris) ? I’m interested in the Paris to replace a ZTE Blade S6.

    • Benito Llan

      I own a Be Touch 2 and also am interested on Android 6.0 for my device.

      • kszere

        I’m waiting update Android 6.0! :)

        • Helmut Fuchs

          I have the same question which seems to remain without answer…

  • Si

    Should I select launcher or launcher3 after the update?

    • Bayezid Hasan


    • Yes you can select under “Home” in Settings.

  • PaulAQUK

    Just received my Ulefone touch 2 on Wednesday. To e honest I wasn’t that impressed with the usability of the UT2. I was previously using the one plus one, fantastic phone. However after getting the update I can report I am much happier with the UT2.

  • MB

    Hello. Ulefone Paris apps launch immediately after installation or update in play store and also from apk file. how to fix it? thanks.

    • We’ll fix it soon with an update, which will come soon.

      • TheWolfinator


  • Bayezid Hasan

    u-Browser is actually Baidu browser, am I right?

    • tech mi

      I heard that, Google in China can not be used, so they used Baidu, do ulefone are sold in China? Perhaps with another brand.

  • Judity

    Hello Ulefone, I recently change my Moto G2 for a Ulefone Be Touch 2. I apply the update but the battery still draining so fast. Another thing, my battery is not fast charge at all, it takes around 8 hours to fully charge! Please help! I love this phone!

  • Victor

    What about Ulefone Be Touch 1? The use the same specs why not apply the update to the first generation device?

  • TheWolfinator

    Have you had any reports on the fast battery drain on the Paris? I have my brightness all the way down, airplane mode on and only wifi on. Screen time is 56 minutes and the battery percentage is on 2% after 6 hours standby. NO APPS AT ALL. Im not happy with this…

    The last 5% critical battery warning was here, then the percentage went from 5 to 1% in 8 seconds

  • yu go

    Hello, I was very excited to receive my Ulephone Be Touch 2 phone in August, however just after 2 weeks of usage I noticed many white spots at various parts of the screen and the touch sensor started not responding. I found many other people complaining about the white spots on the web as well.
    How will Ulephone help me stay a happy and satisfied customer with my phone and solve these defects with my phone?

  • Helmut Fuchs

    Dear Ulefone-Team,

    I recieved a Ulefone Paris a few days ago and want to report some issues which I experience:

    1) Language Setting – When setting to German for Austria the “System UI” crashes when pressing one of the volume buttons. It took me ages to find out that simply changing to German for Germany would work perfectly.

    2) Synchronization with Exchange – I can not synchronize properly with my company account. The synchronization establishes but:

    – E-Mail: Emails appear but later the app starts to synchronize and blocks (your build in app)
    – Calendar: Calender content appears for a few seconds and then disappears. When entering setup in the calendar app the account appears and also the data, but again disappearing after a few seconds. (your build in app)

    Any idea about point 2)?
    Any date when you will solve 1)?

    Nevertheless – congratulation for the hardware-design!

  • Spider

    Disappointed with Ulefone because U Browser has started making push
    advertising in my phone notifications. This is not a browser I use but it
    is still doing this discreditable action. I can’t un-install it so have
    disabled it for now. I’ve also disabled U Launcher just in case.

    This raises the issue of how much we can
    trust Ulefone. It maybe time to ditch the phone and move back to a
    trusted brand?

    Any comment from Ulefone welcome please.

  • seniorbp pal

    I have a Paris – the first rom version had double tap awake – a very useful feature for less wear on the power button. It has disappeared after the first and second update- are we going to get it back ?

  • Vlad.Je

    Clock widget fill half screen. Can’t resize. Please fix

  • E Sandved

    I Have Paris. Sensitive GPS +! Well working as Hotspot and Camera +! But there is some strange Things…
    -The .jpg files of the camera is not to be opened after beeing sendt via mail, or by Connected via computer.
    – The Backup utility (app) seems to work, but after a while they (the back up files) are gone away. so it dosnt work.
    – Storing of Music (mp3 files) dosnt work, but streaming Works well.
    Fitnes program like Endomondo/ Strava Works great, but app’s with maps for offline use dosn’t
    so there is probably an issue with the storing on the drive(s)
    I have the last uppdate of the ulefone software.
    (this is my Third “Smart-phone” andt these issues are all New)
    I am looking for a solution…
    E. Sandved Norway

  • murat çelik

    ulefone touch 2 battery problem‏

    22% cell phone shuts down ????
    0% battery running out help please !!!!
    updating necessary

  • vinikpmv

    Tranks! Ulefone be touch 2 >> The Finger Spring Id touch screen, does not recognize notifications

  • Paolo Buranel

    Hello …Ulefone paris audio notification (email whasupp etc) not working when clip cover is close ….if is open and stanby phone working..
    pls fix