Ulefone Be Touch 2 Fingerprint Applock

  • aklucky

    I wrote this comment with my new amazing Ulefone Be touch 2 pls release cyanogenmod quickly I’m really excited for it

  • Choka Pic

    I was looking for this kind of functionnality for 1 day, thanks for your share.

  • Arik

    Good morning. I have bought this nice smartphone but i have some problems. First of all the battery that goes down to 0% in few time. Second problem: on the fingerprint. When i have the smartphone on the table the fingerprint regognize my finger (at 80%), but when i have the smartphone in my hand it does not work. I try, i try, i try… but nothing…. Do you know some solution for this problem? And what can i do for battery?

    • Murali

      Like me you wasted money on buying this crap phone, throw it in rubbish. I learnt a very good lesson not to buy cheap phones anymore. Go for branded htc,Samsung ,Apple like that. Murali

      • Arik

        Murali, thank you very much for your replay. :) i waited a replay from Ulefone, but… mute… i see that they don’t care about their customers. For sure i will never buy again an Ulefone product. The problem is not “to have bought a cheap smartphone”… the problem is “to have bought an Ulefone product”… i have already bought some cheap devices (Jiayu, Elephone, Umi…) and i have never had strong problems like in this Ulefone be touch 2. One friend of mine, also, is very very happy to have bought the UMI Emax… maybe i had to buy UMI emax… Yes… the problem is Ulefone and i have done the mistake to buy the Be touch 2 in preorder (without reading and watching reviews). i have also sent many emails to support, but nothing… it seems that we (customers) have to wait for an update that will never come… (and in any case, an update can’t solve hardware problems…)… So… Ulefone, thank you for this super (ironic) product and your super (also ironic) support… you will never see me again between your customers. Murali, have a nice day and i hope that we will be more lucky in the future. :)

  • princerohith

    Finger print scanner is not taking input on my be touch2, Not able to register fingerprint sensor. any one please help.