Ulefone Be Touch 2 Wifi Test Gives Positive Results

  • Николай Ребров
  • Николай Ребров

    WI-FI communication over other devices is very bad.

    I have a machine of the first parties.

    Ready to assist in finding problems, shoot video, do a photo test !!!

    how to contact you?

  • Ivo van Koelen

    Why are there different notification bars?

  • Runner

    the first image in the Meizu is 90Mbps and the other 2 Ulefone lol !!! and we continue with the lies about the supremacy of Ulefone

  • inquirercet

    The problem for me starts when the WiFi notification bar is at half level or lower. Speed suffers dramatically. I hope this helps.

  • Evgeny Kogan

    Shame on you ULEPHONE.

    Why you are deleted my comment and put it to SPAM?


  • EXE.trim.ALL
  • Tal Bar

    I think, the honest company make recall for such problem model and not making everyday new sale, snapshot, giveaway…etc.
    I have the phone two weeks, the phone very laggy
    1. The Wi-Fi problems it’s known.
    2. The touch very laggy.
    3. The phone heating as iron. I had several hot phones before, but i never had phone is burn my ear.
    4. The phone strong? Sure. It’s strong. But after 5 minuts active using the phone starts to be very hot, reduce the CPU frequency and dramatically drop it’s performance.
    5. The phone came with ugly 1$ protective tape on the screen instead to have normally oleophobic coating on the screen
    No promised 5.1 android (the version it’s coming – fake)
    No promised Cianogen mode ROM and other ROMs.
    The only design and price are good, but not sure if it’s enough for purchase this phone. Actually, i’m ready to add some money for get working staff.

  • disqus_QG4ak2h4rt

    The biggest problem i have with the wifi on the be touch 2 is that it switches off by it self ! No benchmark test is showing this, but it does happen, the be touch 2 is a crap phone, this is not what you promised us, i want my money back !!!!

  • Mark van Dijk

    after update the wifi problem is still sucks… it look like you have wifi/internet but you don’t. Its very bad.

  • lazaros Dthrow

    positive results my ass.. DO something about the wifi… i bought this phone today and i cant do my work through wifi because its signal is weak and it keeps going off for no reason !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! every other smartphone ive used had better signal and never got its wifi off by itself. !! wtf i feel like i ve been scammed with this purchase and i dont know if i can get my money back