Ulefone Be Touch Updates Sent

ulefone Be Touch
  • Daniele Agate

    Hi, thanks for your continuous development . I found a big problem on the touch screen that is not very ” sensitive ” when typing messages. Moreover, the gesture of awakening with double tap is too ” lazy ” and you have to press several times to make it work .
    Can you work on this problem ?

  • netzakku

    germany: Nachdem ich es auf werkszustand versetzt habe lies sich das Update zwar runterladen, wenn ich dann auf jetzt aktualisieren klicke kommt kurz darauf die Meldung: Ihr System wurde beschädigt, das drahtlose Update ist deaktiviert.

    Es installiert sich nichts :-(

    englisch: After I’ve added it to the factory state, the update read Download Although, if I then click Update Now comes shortly after the message: Your system has been damaged, the wireless update is disabled.

    It installs nothing :-(

    • Julian Lee

      Hi, I have exactly the same problem with wireless updates.

      Your system has been damaged, the wireless update is disabled.

      I have been told to return it to Gearbest where I bought it but I really don’t want to have to send it back to China.
      Is there anything I can do??

      • mikh

        No need to send it back. It does not mean that your phone is damaged. It just mean that your android system was modified (maybe you rooted it etc) so now it can not do the ota update successfully. Now you may simply download the update and install it manually.

  • Daniele Agate

    I add that after updating the phone gets hot in the back close to the camera !

  • Daniele Agate

    Problems After OTA :
    1. Camera still not enough , a lot of noise and little definition in almost all situations
    2. The camera flash red leaves halos in the shots
    3. Excessive overheating in the rear during use and charging
    4. Touch screen is not responsive and not accurate
    5. The battery life after OTA is consuming more than before
    6. The battery is now much slower

    Can you fix these bugs ? Thanks
    ITA:Problemi dopo OTA:
    1. Fotocamera ancora non sufficiente, molto rumore e poca definizione in quasi tutte le situazioni
    2. Il flash della fotocamera lascia degli aloni rossi negli scatti
    3. Surriscaldamento eccessivo nella parte posteriore durante l’utilizzo e in fase di carica
    4. Touch screen non è reattivo e non è preciso
    5. La durata della batteria dopo OTA risulta consumare più di prima
    6. La carica della batteria adesso è molto più lenta

    Potete risolvere questi bugs?Grazie

  • Antonio Campisi

    Ulefone be touch.
    I confirm that there are problems of overheating close to the camera.
    Also the volume of the capsule of listening appears to be low.

  • Александр Воронцов

    Join the undersigned. And when checking the balance, etc. using combinations of digits and symbols (example, *100#) via speed dial does the dialing, and not sending the code. Phone why we can’t see the symbols * and #. Please fix this problem.
    P. S. Using the contact list, everything is fine.

  • Sergio

    Hello you all. I don´t know why but. in my Be Touch, aplications like Google Maps or Sygic crashes every 3 minutes.
    Thank you.

  • franco

    I made some wifi test with sim TIM operator inserted using “OOKLA speed test”
    It seems that the wifi speed download is fluctuating from 1 Mb to 10 Mb.
    I made 10 test.
    The same tests made with iphone 5S are all 10Mb.
    Is a problem that must be resolved.

  • Thomas Müller

    Hi is there a bug with the NTP Service? The phone doesn’t synchronsize the time.Only if the phone will be rstarted

  • Davide

    I have verified that the problem is due to the level of the WiFi signal received.
    If the signal is less than -65dBm it doesn’t work properly.
    (signal level measured with APP “Analizzatore WIFI”)

  • Παναγιωτης Φωκας

    same problems here Has anyone used android 4.4
    is it more stable ?
    is the wifi better ?
    is the screen responding better

  • jangshik

    i’m wondering if you could increase the mic volume? i tried to adjust it in mtk settings but it doesn’t seem to work. people can’t hear my voice on headsets

  • Hi, I keep getting the following message when i want to do a wireless update with the be touch, system was damaged, wireless update dissabled. How can I fix this?

    • AnTerNoZ

      Search for app OTA Verifier and look what of the OTA update.zip gives error. Ur modified or deleted system apps that being updated with the OTA. So the OTA update.zip checks system and stop updating… Just read on internet how to modify OTA update.zip.

      For the Updater working again, just delete app Data, and load modified update.zip

      And be careful not to brick ur device if u modified wrong in update.zip I’m not responsible if ur not do it right.

  • Patouxas Patouxian

    hi I have a ulefone be touch 3 months now and I switch on the talk back from this time I cant do anything what ever I touch I hear a voice no action please any help how to go and switched off

  • Matteo Di Febbo

    Hi in my ulefone be touch 2 is not possible use touch screen on the top of the screen please help me