Ulefone Official Annoucement on Deliver of Ulefone Be Touch 2

  • Thomas Müller

    Please release the new Roms for the Be Touch 1,too. Still it is the same Hardware, only the battery and the Display are different!

    • whamer

      By the way, battery is the same too… differense is in sticker only.

      • Ja Ja

        Interesting! Can you confirm that suspicion somehow?

        • whamer

          Here it is:

          • Ja Ja

            I can’t see ulefone battery. Where is it? You already have Ulefone Be touch 2? You personally measured? Can you please more details? Thanks.

          • Nando Ardita

            I am a holder of Ulefone Be Touch 2, the only problems but also quite important are overheating of the back next to the Front-Facing Camera for any use of the game using the internet and the battery life that comes down inexorably very quickly. I think you have that parent Ulefone take measures with immediate updates.

          • Ja Ja

            Yeah, there is a many unknown bugs in Ulefone, which will be never fix.
            Over and above, hate the phone manufactures who hasn’t official forum. It means they fears user feedback’s, and with very weak software support.

  • Ja Ja

    I bought Ulefone Be Touch 2 on July 14. on gearbest.com (flash sale). And what now? We (our 10 000) must wait minimal 30 days before orders ship to us?

  • Matt

    Hi. My Be Touch 2 microphone isn’t working. People can’t hear me unless I use my headphone set. Very frustrating as I can’t make calls.
    Also the keypad isn’t very responsive. Very slow when texting and emailing.

  • Jason Duong

    I bought Ulefone Betouch 2 on June 29 from Focalprice, still not receive the phone from Focalprice. I

  • Si

    No sign of the two phones I ordered on July 14 and no more information on when they will be dispatched let alone arrive :-(. So much for the promise they would be dispatched by the end of the month. Are they phones coming directly from Ulefone or from the store we ordered from?Ulefone more information is needed please!

  • aurelio

    when it will be released rom miui to be touch 2

  • aurelio