Ulefone Paris will be Handy with Balanced Components

  • Sam Kern

    I have ulefone b
    e touch 2 and i am very impressed with it. Generally i prefer 5 inch rather than 5.5 inch. So i am looking forward to paris. Ulefone should have just take all features of Be Touch 2 and make a 5 inch version ! Paris seems to have only 2gb and no fingerprint scan . Instead of releasing 10 new phones a year , ulefone should just concentrate on releasing only a few just like how apple do and release…ulefone touch 3,4 ,5 etc by later improving processors , specs etc

    This is what i would recommend
    1. Ulefone be touch 2 – 5.5 inch
    2. Ulefone Paris – 5 inch ( but similar to touch 2 specs)
    3. Ulefone – entry level phone ( same to 5c – people looking for cheap phone) t- keep same design as be touch 2 , but make 5 inch, lower price by less ram –> 2gb, quad core instead of octa core .

    Ulefone can go far with the right strategies !

    • Mastermind

      I support Sam for what he said. Better to focus on making one flagship phone and different versions to suit people’s need. Above all, we need lot of updates on be touch 2. I like the device in every segment except battery optimization. It drains fast.

      • Sam Kern

        i definitely agree with you about battery optimization as mine was draining superfast and cpu was over heating as well. i was almost about to return the phone until i found couple of battery apps that totally fix the issue. Now the battery last really long and can go through the day easily.

        • Mastermind

          Thanks. Can you please comment on the apps that were useful to you.

          • Mastermind

            Oh.. Thank you so much

        • Sam Kern

          I tried various paid battery saver live DU battery saver pro etc . but none fixed the Touch 2 battery issues.

          But the following definitely works for me :
          1. Advanced Battery Calibrator
          2. Battery life repair
          3. One touch battery Saver
          4. eco i battery
          5. Battery Saver Lolipop

          i think that 3. One Touch battery Saver is the one thing that made the whole difference !