Which Custom ROM You Want Most for Ulefone Be Touch 2?

  • kelf k


    • Thanks your support and comments.

  • Sergio López Sánchez


  • Thomas Müller

    The Be Touch 1, too? Cynogenmod

    • About Be Touch, We will feedback your advice to the engineer team.

  • Hattori Susuki

    Does this phone have notification led?

    • Don’t have. LED notification is not a perfect design. Thank you for your attention.

  • Runner

    and for Be Pro?

  • Jomar

    and please DON’T forget the be touch 1.

  • sernicola


  • javiermdlt

    Are you going to release the source code???

  • Yatagan


  • Mikael Sjostedt


  • Jean Vil

    MIUI 6
    Super Rom MIUI FRANCE

  • Mike

    MIUI or CynogenMod, they are both great! If it gets either, this phone will be the king of asian phones!

  • Ahmed Hussein

    will these custom roms work on ulefone be touch 1 ?

  • Eddy Bruin

    I would love MIUI V6 on there. I’ve already ordered the phone :) I also hope that a LED notification can still be incoorporated or to have blacklit buttons so that we can use that as notification LED. How else will I know I missed some message?

    • G’n’T

      Yes Eddy, it would be good if they used the front LED flash for a notification light as well. To me the phone would be almost complete.

  • The Chippy Bros

    CyanogenMod please because it is such a good rom pls make it quickly

  • Vadim

    need windows phone 10 please :)

  • Harold Plasencia

    MIUI 6! But I would love for the Ulefone Be Touch 1 to have custom roms as well.

  • Fayoom

    Flyme ! :D

  • Georgea

    MIUI defintely!

  • G’n’T

    Cyaogen Mod please with root access. This will help with many 5.1 issues including root access.

  • Dennis Sunderman

    Cyanogen Mod all the way. Smoothest experience possible and the antutu will go 50.000+ ;)

  • Venob Cupx

    MIUI or Cyanogen + LED flash for a notification light on buttons or front camera LED(or custom configuration and etc…)

  • webdix


  • JJW

    Cyanogen mod with root access would be nice.

  • Jean Vil

    MIUI it’s very good ROM
    I want ROM MIUI on my Ulefone Be Touch 2 Black & White

  • Jean Vil

    I want ROM MIUI for my BABY

  • julie villers

    I like Rom MIUI for my Phone, i buy if you make MIUI Rom.

  • julie villers

    I Like the Rom MIUI, i buy Ulefone Be Touch 2 if you take Rom MIUI

  • Walter Warken

    MIUI with full root please.

  • Ja Ja

    Today I bought this phone and I’d love to see MIUI 6. :)

  • alixetjon

    Cyanogen, absolutely.

  • Danmar Arteta


  • stam

    Cyanogen mod with root access ant front flash led for notification

  • Txami

    MIUI will be great, but make attention on the camera app, It wasn’t so good and maybe it could not run all the benefics of out great Be Touch 2 camera.

  • brain72

    cm12.1 please

  • Alex Dioskouros

    MIUI or Cyanogen

  • CyanogenMOD please! And root acces on official ROM.

  • Daniel Burger

    I think it would be a hit if ulegone could get a deal with Microsoft to get WIN 10 on the Be Touch 2

  • Damien


    I have recently brought Ulefone Be Touch 2.

    As per settings of Phone my Android Version is 5.1 & Build No is 2_20150618

    But in your website you have given a new ROM with Build Number 20150702.

    So please inform me that what is the difference between the Two Build nos or ROM’s.

    Should I flash my phone with it or not.

    Please inform me at the earliest.

  • binks

    Tested root method for Be Touch 2 as shipped first, then Cyanogenmod. Definitely not an other-phone manufacturer’s lookalike (they’re mostly downloadable as me-too skins anyway).

  • Itamar Landsman

    Cyanogen for sure, onto the nightly train!

  • Everlite

    Miui V7 ;)

    • Jean Vil

      I’ m OK i want too Miui 7

  • chalx5011

    Cyanogen please!!

  • Enrico Götz

    how long we want to talk about it….lets start the roll out ;-)

  • anonymous

    Cyanogenmod with fixed WiFi please.

  • Please get Cyanogenmod onto the Be Touch 2 – it’s all quite laggy so far!

  • poped

    Is this project still alive`n kickin´? I´ve just bought BT2 (havnt got it yet) and now after i´ve found out its a little so so with the ROM from reading here and there. Fake 5.1? Come on… It would be no problem if it was advertised as 5.0. Then you would be fair but going down the creepy way and pretend to have 5.1 is not a good way to get a reputation. The best thing you could do tbh is to let a 3rd party handle your ROM from now on. Dont even try to mess with it but keep your focus in developing awsome hardware. May it be CM, FlyME or even MIUi. Just give ppl who know android and the how to this task. Before you pull down your brand with buggy, laggy and malfunctioning versions. This needs to happen now and not when BT54 is about to release. After reading alot of comments allover the internets there seem to be some sort of consensus about you having serious issues with your software that needs to be addresed. And thats not with tiny tiny update.zip´s every now and then. Have faith in your customers in this regard. Theres alot of phones out there with same specs and ppl will get those if ppls concerns isnt taking seriously. Well well.. Thats my point of view though!

  • LeoG

    CyanogenMod would be great. Used it on different phones in the past and always worked like a dream.

  • Davide P

    CM CyanogenMOD please!!

  • Mark van Dijk

    CM CyanogenMOD would be great!!! Can’t wait!

  • Mario

    CM CyanogenMOD :) when can we expect it?

  • Wavems

    i vote for CM CyanogenMOD!

  • Dogg

    this actually isnt going to happen is it? …i mean if it was, the rom would have been released by now. Stop giving your customers false hope! And fix the battery drain problem while your at it. Or is the battery not truely a 3050mah battery hmmmm? Lies again.

  • Manuel Rey Delascasas

    I Want MIUI Plaease!!!!!

  • Steve Rayner

    Why do so many far east manufacturers do all the difficult stuff really well – design and manufacture – but not do the relatively easy bit which is sort out the software and multilanguage instructions. The BeTouch2 is a great phone, you could REALLY sell this well at £150 with some western distribution deals. It doesn’t matter which Rom [Cyanogen or Mui] you release, JUST PUT ONE OUT.
    The reason Apple has been so successful is that they have built a brand by making it easy for their customers, you are making your customers feel as though you are laughing at them. 5.1 that isn’t really 5.1, poor software response times, battery drain, not releasing ROM as promised.
    Come on Guys if you have not got the skills, hire someone, there are plenty out there.

    • PaulAQUK

      I completely agree. I was a one plus one user, but need a duel sim phone so got the Ulefone touch 2. The phone good be great, but the software problems are starting to make me thing I should bin the phone and get a One plus 2. Your right, Good specs very poor software proformance.

  • giulio alfano

    cyanogenmod 12.1, any news?

    • karol

      Waiting to for news about CM

  • bollox

    hi ulephone….when will you make proper rom for this phone….
    wifi is AWFUL…it is very laggy…
    you are gaining a VERY bad reputation.

  • aurelio

    launch date rom miui be touch 2nd

  • Dodoo

    When will working rom be available ulefone….?….lots of V unhappy customers here.

  • aurelio

    release date rom miui

  • Dimitrios Tsanaktsidis

    Miui 7 Clean… No Pre-Installed apps!!! plox! :D

  • aurelio

    good day when it will be released rom miui to be touch 2

  • aurelio

    why so much delay in the release of custom roms

  • Xaris Skrekos

    Cyanogen !! The best !! Get out fast ! Sorry for my english

  • Xaris Skrekos

    Cyanogen rom for ulefone be touch 2 ! please,this the Rom are better than all ! I wish to be released quickly

  • Ankit

    Cyanogen rom for ulefone be touch 2 ! please,this the Rom are better than all !

  • Ankit

    Cyanogen Mod will utilize your provided top notch hardware to its fullest potential & give a perfect experience. It will grow your eco system & spread word through your fans

  • Pedro Pinto

    Any news about MIUI or CMOD???